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In-House Legal: new information portal is online
The positive feedback received following the start of our monthly Newsletter in May 2018 has encouraged ECLA to launch a new, comprehensive online platform called In-House Legal. The objective is for this web portal to become the go-to address for company lawyers seeking up-to-date information, background analysis, news, and best practices in their areas of interest.



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ECLA Mission and vision

Optimizing of the regulatory and business environment for in-house lawyers in Europe

Exercise all appropriate measures to generate continuous support in pursuit of the ECLA VISION


  • Identify and eliminate regulatory threats to the position or practice of in-house lawyers;
  • Identify, seize and exploit regulatory opportunities suitable to enhance the position of in-house lawyers;
  • Enhance the acceptance and demand for an active role of in-house lawyers


National Associations ECLA Members

Austria, Vereinigung Österreichischer Unternehmensjuristen

Belgium, Institut des Juristes d'Entreprise

Croatia, Association of Corporate Lawyers

Czech Republic, Association of In-House Lawyers of the Czech Republic

Denmark, Danish Association of Business Lawyers

England & Wales, The Law Society for England and Wales

Estonia, Eesti Juristide Liidu ettevotlusjuristide Ühendus

Finland, Industrial Lawyers Association

France, Association Française des Juristes d'Enterprise

France, Cercle Montesquieu (CM)

Germany, Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Syndikusanwälte im Deutschen Anwaltverein

Greece, (GILA)

Ireland, The Law Society of Ireland

Italy, Associazione Italiana Giuristi di Impresa

Lithuania - Bendroviu & instituciju teisiniku asociacija (B.I.T.A.)

The Nederlands, Dutch Association of Company Lawyers

Norway, Norges Juristforbund NJ-P Private Sector

Poland, National Chamber of Legal Counsels

Portugal, Institute of Company Lawyers

Spain, Asociación Profesional de Juristas de Empresa

Sweden, Company Lawyers Association

Switzerland, Vereinigung Schweizerischer Unternehmensjuristen (VSUJ)



ECLA General Assemly and ECLA Board meeting was held 22nd April in Vilnius.

Autumn meeting and General Assembly was held 20th November in Kopenhagen.

ECLA General Assembly was held 20th March in Helsinki.

ECLA General Assembly and ECLA- AFJE Conference was held 18th November 2014 in Paris.

ECLA General Assembly and ECLA- EEJÜ Conference was held 29th -31 May 2014 in Talinn.

Autumn meeting of the Board of Directors was held in Bruxelles 27th September 2013.

Spring meeting of the Board of Directors was held in Lisabon 18th April 2013.

Autumn meeting of the Board of Directors was held in Berlin 15th November 2012.

Spring meeting of the Board of Directors was held in London 16th of March 2012

Autumn meeting of the Board of Directors was held in Turin 21st October 2011.

Spring meeting of the Board of Directors was held in Paris on the 25th of March 2011

Autumn meeting of the Board of Directors was held in Bruxelles 8th October 2010
The letter from the President of ECLA Dr. Peter Kriependorf

Autumn meeting of the Board of Directors was held in Bucharest from 08th till 10th October 2009

Spring meeting of the Board of Directors was held in Warsaw from 7th till 10th May 2009

In organisation of Associaton of Corporate Lawyers the meeting
of the Board of Directors was held in Zagreb on 17th October 2008.
You can view photos from the Board meeting following the LINK
To download the whole zip photo gallery to your PC follow the LINK


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In-house legal privilege recognised under Belgian Competition Law

The issue of legal privilege of in-house lawyers regarding EC Competition law has been widely debated for years. In 1982, the European Court of Justice decided that legal privilege only applies to communications with "outside lawyers", refusing to recognise any legal priviege for in-house lawyers and their communications with their clients.

ECLA considers this situation most unsatisfactory and believes that for many reasons it should be readdressed, including with regard to the recently adopted modernisation of the application of Articles 81 & 82 of the EU Treaty.

More information on ECLA's arguments and facts can be found in the following documents:

1. ECLA Rejoinder to Reply, July 2008

2. ECLA Intervention Statement in the AKZO Nobel Case, February 2008

3. ECLA oral argument before the court of first instance in the AKZO Nobel Case, June 2007

4. Modernization of competition law (August 2003) ECLA position paper, as featured in Global Counsel

5. The situation of in-house counsel in member states: comparative tables (2003)

6. Human rights implications of privilege denial (2002)

7. The case for in-house legal privilege in EC law (2001)

8. Legal privilege for in-house lawyers - position paper (Approved by the members of ECLA in December 1997)

9. Legal Privilege versus secret professional (1997)

10. Interim order given in Akzo Nobel case

ECLA adds 3 New Members!

As of 11 April 2008, ECLA has admitted three new members to the board.
They include: Spain, Lithuania and Bosnia&Herzegovina.
This brings ECLA's membership to 22 countries and now represents over 23.000 company lawyers in Europe.



"At the next meeting of the Board in Dublin the Association of Company Lawyers of Croatia shall be voted to become the 18th Member of ECLA.

This association participated as observer at the Board meeting in Berlin of November 2006 and on June 1 2007 has been registered by the Croatian authorities.

Even though a young association it has already 100 members."

September 2007
Newsletter to the member associations of ECLA






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